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I Wants M’Own Pair

I finished the In N Out Mittens for my husband, using the same yarn as his hat so that they would match.  But I saw some yarn in another local yarn shop, A Knitted Peace, that has tweedy flecks in it that I was actually dreaming about.  I mean, it was showing up in my dreams!

This yarn is Queensland Kathmandu, and the color I like so much is the dark red color they call Brick Red.  It calls itself an Aran yarn, but if it is, its a pretty light weight.  Really, I would call it a plain old 2-ply worsted.  I will make a pair of In N Out Mittens for me, and size out the pattern for non-felting.  I am aready done with one mitten.  I added another color, Steel, so that I could illustrate how the egress flap works better.  Plus, it looks pretty good.

How does this square with my deadline for Valentine’s Day for the black cardigan?  Well….


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