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Library Knitting

I had some free time yesterday and wanted to work on my unfelted In N Out mittens.  I was unsure whether I might have to buy another ball of the red color to finish.  So I did not want to drive all the way home and then possibly have to return to the area if I really did have to buy another ball.  And I did not want to knit in the store or in a Starbucks, due to the temptation to spend money.  So I decided to go to the local branch library.

I found a really comfy spot, with sunlight streaming over my shoulders.  As I started to knit I was humming John Denver songs.  It was intriguing to listen to the buzz of activity all around me.

It was a busy place!  I had no idea that so many elderly gentlemen came to read the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.  Over there was a mom and daughter, apparently both in the same community college course for certified nursing assistant training.  And the computer bay!

The librarians were not ever asked about books, it was all computer trouble-shooting and training.  They were doing a great job!  And very busy!  Teaching this guy how to use a mouse, and that one how to set up formulas in Excel, and defending their entire computer network to another guy who insisted that it was making his email crash…  Wow, has their job description changed!

OK, so back to the knitting.  Anyway, I have generally found that chairs that feel good to read in while sitting straight up, generally feel good to knit in.  But not these chairs.  I know that the knitting public was not in their minds when they decorated the space, and I would not expect that.  It was just interesting to me to find this mix of chairs that suddenly were for one purpose only.  So I could only knit for an hour there.

And the mittens?  I don’t think I’ll buy another ball of yarn.  What I have will be just fine, and I think pretty as well.  I hope to have the unfelted version pattern to post soon.  But, it may not have any photos embedded in the pattern unless I can find a working camera somewhere…


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