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Knitting in Black

I promised a friend a knitted item as a payment for a painting she was exhibiting.  I thought she could use a pair of mittens or perhaps a market bag.  But what she wanted was a very specific kind of shawl-collared cardigan!

Trouble is, she wants  it in black, for fancy things.  And sparkley too.  Oh dear!  I don’t know about you, but I find black projects hard to work on, in general.  Especially in the winter when so much of the knitting time needs to be in electrified room light.  But here goes!

Found some mill end knubby cotton/rayon mix that she likes.  And the price is really right.  I plan to use the pattern from Custom Knits  by Wendy Bernard called Indigo Playmate Sweater.  The deadline is Valentine’s Day.  Here goes!