• Ravelympics Participant

    Ravelymics logo for Team Colorado


I signed up for a Ravelympics team today!  I thought this was a lot of fun in 2008.  I had challenged myself to do 8 different market bags, and got 4 done.  This time I want to do one really big one – big enough for my trombone mutes.  I am planning Medano Beach by Heidi Kirrmaier.  I will use stash yarn made from hemp and cotton.  I have 4 colors, and I know the stripes will be randomized, not regular like the pattern photo. 

The game is to cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, and have it done by the Closing Ceremonies.  My family thought I was crazy last time, but I really did get a lot done.  But I must have the black cardigan finished by then.  And I am in the pit orchestra for a local production of Annie, opening 2/18. 

Anyway, that’s the plan.