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TV Knitting

Last night I was watching the Golden Globes to look at all the dresses.  Not a one was knit!  Which seems very backwards to me, since they are all out to reveal as much as possible and still get on TV.  You can do so much of that with lace…  But there weren’t even wraps!  Which again seems counter-intuitive, because it was drizzling.

Then I stayed up to watch “The Pursuit of Happyness“.  What a great movie!  I cried and screeched “No!” several times.  It was Sunday, so no Craig Ferguson was available.

Needless to say, I got a lot of knitting done.  I finished, washed and blocked the unfelted version of my In N Out Mittens, included as a pattern on this blog.  I am really happy with them.  I cannot say enough great things about this yarn.  I hope to include a photo soon.

And I worked on the black cardigan a while, like a good girl.

Then, as the clock struck midnight, I cast on for the Knitted Purls KAL.  Can’t start before January 18th!  This game is to use the wonderful colors and variety of sock yarn, which many of us have stockpiled, to make something besides socks.  I ripped out a half-done pair of socks for this – I love this color for a lace glove.  The bamboo in the yarn gives a really nice sheen, which looks gun-metal silver in this black/spruce green/red yarn.  The colorway is “Cardinals in the Pines”, and that is exactly what it looks like – deep winter woods with flashes of red.  Should be very sultry made up in this way.

I am going with a glove pattern from an internet friend of mine “Ms. Create” called “Plumes”.  It’s great of her to share her ideas.



I signed up for a Ravelympics team today!  I thought this was a lot of fun in 2008.  I had challenged myself to do 8 different market bags, and got 4 done.  This time I want to do one really big one – big enough for my trombone mutes.  I am planning Medano Beach by Heidi Kirrmaier.  I will use stash yarn made from hemp and cotton.  I have 4 colors, and I know the stripes will be randomized, not regular like the pattern photo. 

The game is to cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, and have it done by the Closing Ceremonies.  My family thought I was crazy last time, but I really did get a lot done.  But I must have the black cardigan finished by then.  And I am in the pit orchestra for a local production of Annie, opening 2/18. 

Anyway, that’s the plan.

I Wants M’Own Pair

I finished the In N Out Mittens for my husband, using the same yarn as his hat so that they would match.  But I saw some yarn in another local yarn shop, A Knitted Peace, that has tweedy flecks in it that I was actually dreaming about.  I mean, it was showing up in my dreams!

This yarn is Queensland Kathmandu, and the color I like so much is the dark red color they call Brick Red.  It calls itself an Aran yarn, but if it is, its a pretty light weight.  Really, I would call it a plain old 2-ply worsted.  I will make a pair of In N Out Mittens for me, and size out the pattern for non-felting.  I am aready done with one mitten.  I added another color, Steel, so that I could illustrate how the egress flap works better.  Plus, it looks pretty good.

How does this square with my deadline for Valentine’s Day for the black cardigan?  Well….