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Christmas mittens

Finally got my husband’s Christmas present done.  I know no one else ever does this…  But this year he got one mitten with the promise of another one ASAP.  These are mittens he requested in August, to go with his brown felted alpaca beret that I made for him a few years ago.

Anyway, he wanted a hole in the palm so that he could unlock the front door easier.  So I made him a sort of standard set, from the Peekaboo Mittens pattern on Ravelry.  And they worked fine.

But when I felted them, they ended up in the washing machine too long.  So really, they just fit the cat!  And not so much any human I could think of.

And I wasn’t really happy with the gaping expanse of the hole, so I decided to cover it up.  Hence the In N Out Mittens pattern, which you are free to have and try out.

So this lovely man who has stuck with me for so long, finally got his matching mittens about 2 weeks late.  How long will it take for him to lose one?  Oh, well, I have more yarn!


Finally photos!

Here are some photos of the scarf and mittens I made for my daughter, as mentioned on previous posts.

Wool and alpaca scarf in random stripes, in the round

wool and alpaca mittens, with mohair thrums

Yarn and coffee shop synergy

I had a nice visit to my favorite local yarn shop (LYS) , Mew Mew’s, now that I am back from running to OH to see my poor wounded daughter.  She’ll be OK, but that does not mean I’m letting up on working on my scarf for her,  just in case.   It’s about half done, and I hope to have yarn left over for mittens too.  I hope to make them thrummed with some white alpaca I have stashed from a previous project.

Anyway, it was nice to see a couple of buddies from another knitting group at a different yarn shop come in for a chat at this one.  Unfortunately, the other shop folded, and we have been floating at different meeting venues since then.  I hope to see them at this expanded shop now more often.

Important to the decision  of where to meet is the availability of coffee.  Mew Mew’s is just 3 doors down from a really innovative and comfortable coffee  shop, the Brewing Market, which blends its own strong ginger chai.  So I think that this combo – the knitting shop open on Sundays next to the coffee shop with extended hours and internet access – well, it’s a winner.  Hats off to both businesses!

If you knit it, they will be around to wear it

Well, my daughter has whiplash and lots of bruises, but that really does seem to be all.  It helps so much to be able to see her on Skype.  The fear panic is quelled, and now the financial panic is starting.  One day at a time….

So I’ve got lots done on her scarf, nothing done on the black cardigan I have a time limit for.  I am using the dice to randomize the stripes in the scarf, and sticking to the colors that my daughter selected.  I have official permission to add white to the mix, but I’m too far along now.

It really is quite remarkable how making this for her is helping me.  I am reminded of the day we spent together, of which selecting this yarn was just a part.  Somehow, the stripes remind me of Cat in the Hat, and the fun that she had being part of her high school production of “Seussical:The Musical” in her junior year.  I imagine her wearing this scarf this winter going between classes, which helps to convince me that she will be alive this winter to wear it.  Sounds morbid, I know, but planning for her immediate future means she HAS to be there to have it.

I guess that’s what all the knitting for newborns is all about.  I didn’t do any then, I guess I didn’t really have that fear then.

Knit on in all calamities!…

Since my last post, I’ve been working pretty steady on the black cardigan for my friend that is due in mid-October.  I have both sleeves done, and they look fine.  I am making the body all in one piece, no side seams.  So I’m about 6″ up on that, also going well.  I am using the Newport pattern, from Patternfish, for basic dimensions and so forth, because this yarn is not just chunky, but thick and thin.  Kind of slubby.  So my gauge is hopelessly incorrect, and all I can use is the dimensions kindly provided on the pattern.  What do you think will happen?  Stay tuned!

But as often happens with me, I’m getting sidetracked on this project.  I just got word that my daughter is back in her dorm room from a car accident that she frankly is lucky to have survived at all.  Old story – 5 college kids off for munchies in the midnight hours in a beater car.  (So far, there is no mention or evidence of alcohol involved.)  The car blows a tire, pirouettes 4 times, then does a somersault off the road.  Unbelievably, all five girls walk away after saying Hi to everyone at the local Emergency Room.  My daughter is one of the most hurt of the bunch, with whiplash and a dislocated elbow and lots of very nasty bruises.  Word is that the front seat and its passenger disconnected from the chassis and landed on her, so it could (should?) have been much, much worse.

Now, being as all this happened 1200  miles and 2 time zones away, I’m hearing about it via Skype and email.  I’m pretty distracted in everything I am trying to do today, but so far keeping calm and grateful to God.  My husband and I  figure there will probably be more co-pays coming up, and probably lost wages from her campus job, so we are resisting the urge to jump in the car and go see her.  What could we really do, anyway?

So that is the rational part, that I am trying so hard to keep uppermost.  And I am sitting here blogging about it, trying to keep perspective, too.

But if you think that I am going to sit and knit on something for someone else besides my daughter today…  well, I don’t think so.  She asked me to make her a striped scarf, green and gold, before she left.  And by gum, its time I started on that.  Mindless knitting, in circles all around. 

And she also wanted to take the Rosalie Hale hat with her to college.  But I said “Oh honey, I’ll send it later on in the fall.  I want to have a professional photo taken of it.”  Well, tomorrow the care package goes in the mail, with the hat and some peanut butter cookies.  Oh yes, she can have anything she wants right now.

But I can’t have what I want, which is to hold her and hug her and set up ice packs for all the bruises.  All the other kids in the car were local, so their moms get to do that.  But not me.

Excuse me while I go cast on this scarf.  Should I start with the green?  Or the gold?

Take this on faith, not by sight…

I am a at a bit of a loss to let you know how I’m doing with my knitting lately, because my daughter  (very selfishly) took her personal digital camera to college with her.  While she is busy with Facebook, and showing us that she is having a great time, I am hamstrung trying to blog.

Kids.  You do for them your whole life.  Then they turn on you…

Anyway, I did finish my Swimming Pool hat, and yes, the small Jason Black Hat is really sized for a baby.  I will edit the pattern to reflect that.

Meanwhile, I finally got the gauge and dimensions right on the black jacket for my artist friend to wear to the opening of the new theatre venue here in our town.  So now I have to scurry to get it finished by mid-October.  I am using the two incorrect sleeves as kitchen towels.  Since the yarn is cotton and rayon, they are actually great for this purpose!

And, because I cannot help myself, I have started some kitchen chair cushions out of Euroflax. I have to be doing something where the outcome is not clearly foreseeable, ie random.  I have loved this color combo since I saw it in the store last May, and have actually had dreams about it.

But no photos for the likes of you!   At least not yet…  Soon and very soon, I hope…

Funny hats

So I went ahead and finished up the “Toupee hat” by easing up on the cabling a bit and adding a really floppy pompom on top.  I would so totally buy it if I had a pre-school boy, its quite hilarious.  But I need to know if the small size is due to the no-memory cottony yarn, or the pattern dimensions.  So I am casting on another in sock wool to see how that comes out.  Either way – will need to edit the Jason Black Hat pattern…

My daughter reports from campus that she is already walking to early morning classes in the frost-breath temperature range.  I sent her some echinacea tea in a package today.  She always loved this tea  at home when her throat was getting a bit prickly, hope it will help her at school.  But this also means she will want the bi-color scarf she asked for pretty soon.  Probably will have to get going on that.

But what I want to do is knit cushions for the kitchen chairs.  All this adjustment to just a house with me and the hubby means I finally get to let our needs/tastes/preferences dictate how things look.  And I am raring to get going on that – bought some Euroflax yesterday in colors I have been day-dreaming about all summer.  I have been getting a lot of use out of a book on color by Anna Starmer, which I bought a few years ago to help with Fair Isle patterns and colorways.

But I have some hats to finish…  and a scarf to make…  And a job to find…  And on-line coursework to complete…